There was once a dream

called the Internet. It was supposed to do wonderful things for people. And it did. Then the whole thing got out of control. People got away from what was really important.

I just got an email from a top researcher in the field of memory research wanting to know how we get so many people interested enough to sign up for a research study.

It's a good question...

We're not offering anything, we're not paying anything. All we offer is an outlet for people to improve themselves, if they want.

...the point is, we seem to be more effective than expensive radio ads, the newspaper or other traditional media outlets and not just by a percentage basis, it's a complete transformation, a complete change by several standard deviations, if you look at statistically. i guess, in a casual way, without a lot of hype and fanfare, the internet is changing the world after all, for the better : - )

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