Memorypix Sneak Preview

We are pleased to offer a new kind of memory test, which is: m e m o r y p i x.
This is in the alpha state. but if you want to comment on it, please do.

This has a Hollywood-flavor to it, a hurricane, and even the Governor of California. The object of the test is to press the spacebar when you see an image you have already seen   and thereby test your short-term total recall ability.

You also have to be fast. Press the spacebar as quickly as you can after you realize you have already seen an image. At the end, you'll get a score. You'll want to maximize accuracy, number correct, and keep reaction time (in milliseconds low)

Mr. Schwarzenegger
is the 1st governor in the U.S. to appear in a memory test, which naturally, was grown in California just like a Valencia orange.

Sorry, no surf boards in this test, or surf-riffs from the Ventures (wipeout) or Beach Boys. But, they are coming, along with Maverick. There's no reason a test can't be rock-solid scientifically plus have some MP3's interlaced in it.

Tunes + Memory = Awesome Combo

Work your Memory and Have Fun!

This will shortly be registration-only, so take advantage of this sneak preview.
It's also patent-pending. Send us feedback at memorypix@cognitivelabs.com.

If you want something really boring, don't try the jackalope test. Jackalopes are frequently seen grazing in herds in the "4 corners" area of the U.S. Residents of the area, determined conservationists, have successfully kept their existence secret.

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