AOL to Unveil Anti-YouTube

AOL plans to release an antimatter to the matter of the hit post-it yourself video site 'youtube.' Why is it popular? "America's Funniest Home Videos" was once a sensation. This is just the same, except you are behind the camera and you are the editor.

The bandwidth being consumed by youtube reminds us of our hi-bandwith internet radio days. Supposedly youtube is spending $1 million per month on bandwidth. In our day, AOL was kicking in about $300,000 per month in free bandwidth for some of the biggest shoutcasters in our network (we also tried to buy the domain bigtv.com but the owner/squatter wouldn't part with it, rats)

ref: techcruch via digg.com

Editors note: Boy, whatever AOL was going to do didn't work.
keyword: miserable failure.

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