Memory TV Update

Thanks to everybody who is using Memory TV and signing up for the service. We are trying to fulfill all the requests, especially adding in nature, history, and images of the world's holy places. On the last one, this is a theme that unites everyone - from the US to the Middle East to Europe, Asia, and India - this we know since we have requests from people in each area and lots of them. Programming demands being what they are, this will be just a matter of time til we can get to it. The site is growing larger and larger every day with more pages and content. I want to see how far we (meaning you) can all take it. Pretty far since we put down the first line of code in summer '04; last year we had a duel role helping to launch brainspeed.com, from Natrol (NTOL) which was the world's first widely-accessible site and software that let users see how they were doing over time in conjunction with an over the counter product. The same concept can be applied to virtually any process or substance; whether it is something nutritional or just the effect of intense cognitive training or physical training.

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