Make Your Brain Green

This focus and reaction time trainer has become pretty popular.
It has an elementary simplicity - you can see what the task is (clicking on dots) and it gets harder as you are pushed for more time and go through the cycle. It is coded totally in javascript and throws up a little alert box at the end with your score. It doesn't rely at all on PC-software, no DLLs - the only function that is called is the clockspeed - and that could come from anything with a chip and any kind of interface - it could even be a chip-enriched toaster with a handle you push down.

Why choose the picture? In Egyptian the word for rejuvenate literally was "to make green" and is transliterated in English letters as s -w -dj (no vowels, like Hebrew) and could have been pronounced sowage, sewege, or sewage. The symbol is a reed bundle - and it was connected to the post inundation time when everything was green - it also ties into the seasons and the concept of planting.

With exercise, we make our brains 'green' and revitalized amidst an oasis in the desert.

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