Global Mash Up for Friends.

This is what geeks call a mash-up. (please click on the image) If you are an RSS subscriber, your'e going to have to come to the site.

It shows everyone who has stopped by. If you looked at the old mini-mash-ups we posted about a month ago, it looks like the word is spreading. A lot more folks in Europe and Asia are tuned in, more in Australasia or "Oceania" or Middle Earth.

You can click on the picture and tell some friends. We'll be giving away a Nintendo DS on May 15th - the DS seems to be edging out PSP as the must-have (though we have both). So the more people you refer to us the better your chance. Games aren't just for kids anymore, and in fact as many scientists suggest, can have benefits.

I got an interesting email newsletter from Virgin Galactic which I'd like to share....that will be coming in a little while.

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