Game Helps People Confront Cancer

It seems visualizing - which comes with gaming - actually helps people to confront illness.(Hope Lab - Yahoo! News) In this case the subjects are teens and younger adults with cancer, and the game, involving visualizing the effect of nanobots throughout the body, helps them to stick to a treatment regimen and perhaps to use the body and mind's power to fight back against illness.

In the case of Alzheimer's and other dementia's - as well as impairment brought on by illness and injury - depression has been one of the factors associated with dementia and in fact, has been codified in the Geriatric Depression Scale or GDS which was developed by scientists at the Stanford/Palo Alto VA Alzheimer's Center.

Many of you take tests and then follow up with games in a regular regimen, because they are both entertaining and also exercise visual perception, reaction time, and other measures. Also, they are easy to play and understand with no required downloading and don't involve the exact areas of the brain associated with 'shooters.' Some of the more interesting 'flow' casual games which have no specific beginning and end also offer strong promise for remediation and treatment for many individuals.

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