FireFox Makes Inroads Amongst the Brainy

With the brainy users of this site, FireFox continues to climb in usage with a full 27.78% share of users so far this year, compared to 63.3% for IE. Last year's share of browser was 4.95% for FireFox, 85% IE.

2006 detail.....
Microsoft Internet Explorer 63.30%
Firefox 27.78%
Safari 4.46%
Netscape 2.41%
Opera 1.36%
Mozilla 0.54%
WebTV Internet Terminal 0.05%
WebTV Plus Receiver 0.03%
Konqueror 0.03%
Blazer 0.01%
Danger Web Browser 0.01%
Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer 0.01%
PSP (PlayStation Portable) Internet Browser 0.01%
Unknown 0.00%

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