Cognitive Labs Releases CodeShack

Code Shack

Code Shack lets you put memory tests on your site, blog, bulletin board or personal space. If you want to help fight memory loss and promote cognitive health for everyone around the world, these free tools do that!Kind of like UPS Internet Tools at UPS which became a sensation. All sites needed it for package tracking (Lycos, Yahoo, InfoSeek, Amazon, etc.) this goes back to the time (almost) when Yahoo! had a grey screen, so did ups.com; in this case we are dealing with THE BRAIN and brainspeed. Don't forget, we initiated this concept (brainspeed) in 2005 particularly with Natrol (Nasdaq: NTOL) which started a site called brainspeed.com. So, now we're ready to knock the cover off the ball, steroid-free.

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