Brain-Training: Evidence for Impact-Kotaku

Kotaku has put together a short brief of a couple of articles on evidence for the positive impact of games.

wife/girlfriend/mother start that annoying harpy talk, complaining about your lack of attention given to anything but your level 59 Undead Rogue, refer her to this Globe And Mail article. It’s almost proof-positive that learning a second language is for suckers (okay, not really) and that video games are the only education you need.

You’ll appear even smarter when you quote the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience which "shows [that] the elderly lose the ability to power up brain regions, such as the frontal lobe, needed to focus on a task" an area that video game experience helps develop.

Or drop this reference from the Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology, which states that "video gamers consistently outperform their non-playing peers in a series of tricky mental tests".

original reference: Globe and Mail

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