what some people say.... and DNA implanting

just saw the film aeon flux with Charlize Theron, no choice really as it ran right on the inflight screen. What happens to a society where cloning has become an accepted coping strategy and means to life extension, where there is a keeper of DNA who recycles the DNA upon the instant of morbidity by immediately inputting an individual's DNA into a new candidate? As a result, there are no new people....visualization and speed are key themes - like brain speed and Tracking; here are some user comments on the relevant sight-speed test [measures your ability to track an object L - R and R - L in addition to brain speed].
diamond -1 points 11 days ago
Cool! I scored 172.5 ms, which I assume is good because the listed average is 351 ms.

borland 1 point 11 days ago
168.5 for me... all those years of playing quake weren't entirely useless it seems :-)

krid 1 point 10 days ago
-1, it wants my email address

bustlinSlug 1 point 10 days ago
149.1 for me.

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