Put Your Game on cognitivelabs.com

We offer all of our users both casual mind games plus scientifically-based cognitive tests so they can check and monitor their memory; which are executed with a casual game interface. These tests have been used in numerous published studies, presented at International Scientific Conferences (2005-Alzheimer's Association, Washington DC; 2005 Stockholm Sweden; 2005-E3 with halo gamers; plus additional publications in 2006 will be announced shortly). The tests are effective at identifying people who are at risk for cognitive impairment OR who just want to check their cognitive speed and perception.

If your game or idea works for us - we'll feature your game and give you very fair terms. Just contact us at developer (AT) cognitivelabs.com. Our focused team consists of social and computer scientists as well as top-flight neuropsychological researchers with publication credits including New England Journal of Medicine, Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, and Numerous top tier Peer-reviewed research journals.

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