Memory TV: Hail Caesar

On Memory TV:

Living by the Sword, Dying By the Sword: The furtive-looking Phllip the Arab:
he lasted just 5 years

Swords and Sandals - Hail Caesar.

From Alexander the Great to Julian the Apostate, a look at the Meditteranean's top autocrats, including such figures as Caligula and Claudius (immortalized by Robert Graves and the teleplay I, Claudius) Commodus, Didius Julianus, who bought the throne in an Ebay-style auction, the big-spending Septimius Severus, the weird Elagabalus, and Julian.

Click here, then launch memoryTV, pick Alexander and Caesar, and there you go. This visual tour takes you through 700 years of ancient history (skipping 280 years, gratuitously between Alexander and Caesar, but no matter) Just let the pics load on your desktop, don't do anything else; repetition is normal - you get two chances to name the emperor or guess the emperor - there is no legend. The portrait itself will usually give it away.

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