Javascript vs. Flash

Now that the term AJAX is all around us, and no it does not refer to a Homeric or Aenaedic hero or a British dreadnought (HMS Ajax) but basically can be translated as "javascript works". (This definition from paulgraham.com via reddit): so what does that mean for rest of us in day to day parlance?

In looking at casual games around here, our most popular in terms of page views is the 'techmogul reaction game' (javascript) which is very surprising since it is one-D game; it outdoes Flash. Now, the scientific exercises are mostly in Flash (though can be created jscript now); Memory TV is Flash and a variant of a photo viewer; the new pictures with reaction time will also be in Flash but can have a similar duality.

Flash in the Lead 10-8. We'll keep it open today....
Statement: Javascript tops Flash: Yes or No


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