Inspired by Google Mars

An exciting new development this week. Ever since looking at Mars through a small telescope, the red planet has held a fascination....

Google Mars open for business. Virtually inspect the red planet. Play a Mars theme game after you get there. Or try the Mars Puzzle need IE. After Mars, blast your way through the Asteroid Belt....

Google Maps Mars
By BetaNews Staff, BetaNews
Not content with sticking to Earth and the moon, Google is bringing its mapping technology to our nearest planetary neighbor: Mars. In commemoration of Percival Lowell's birthday, Google joined up with NASA to build Google Mars using the most scientific maps of the planet.

"Explore the red planet in three different ways: an elevation map shows color-coded peaks and valleys, a visible-imagery map shows what your eyes would actually see, and an infrared-imagery map shows the detail your eyes would miss," said Google Earth developer Chikai Ohazama. "We hope you enjoy your trip to Mars."

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