on to space...

Bravo....also, check out some of our earlier postings in this area. We also have a stealth venture in this field....

Flush with dot-com cash--and raised on visions of moonwalks, space shuttles and Captain Kirk--a generation of passionate, tech-savvy entrepreneurs is breathing new life into the space business. Iconoclasts like Virgin Group founder Richard Branson, Amazon.com CEO Jeff Bezos and Google co-founder Larry Page are dedicating not only their dollars but also their brainpower.

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One of the requirements for spaceflight will be a cognitive check-up, there we've got you covered. Just wait til you get a glimpse of cognitivelabs.com aps integrated with xyz....ours is platform independent and can be given here on earth, under the sea, or far away from earth while communicating to the terrestrial server.

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