Canadian Astronaut Says Younger People can Get Alzheimer's

Astronaut Bondar: Younger people can get Alzheimer's
Note: This is true --physicians speculate that the actress Rita Hayworth may have contracted the disease in her 40's or even before.

CTV.ca News Staff

Not just old people get Alzheimer's disease, according to Dr. Roberta Bondar.

Canada's first woman in space, and the world's first neurologist astronaut, recently launched Alzheimer's Disease Mission for Memories: Taking action today for a better tomorrow, a project to raise awareness of the illness.

Bondar is taking the opportunity as a spokesperson for the Alzheimer Society to dispel some myths surrounding Alzheimer's.

"I felt there was a tendency in society to blame every old person as having Alzheimer's disease without understanding that it can affect younger people," Bondar told CTV's Canada AM.

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