A Zero Latency Brain

Get your own zero-latency brain at cognitivelabs.com.

Zero-latency was a term invented by consultants to sell software, yet another SAP module or a bolt-on to SAP and Oracle making your organization whole and complete and solving that problematic supply chain, you know 'why are my widgets in Wisconsin and my T-rings in Taiwan'? kind of problem. After spending billions on software that could improve your inventory of pencils and erasers, the bullhorns and megaphones were put away and the revolution was declared 'over.'

The next great battleground, or campus martialis is the brain. If you can optimize your brain, gain visibility into changes dynamic changes and then intercede, lives can be improved, not just ontime performance for the delivery of products on a shelf.

If the brain is enhanced, you will have already solved the supply chain problem before it ever occurs - eliminating a bottleneck by going upstream...

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