Who is taking tests? Now you can see

This pic
is a snapshot of all the IP addresses taking tests at cognitivelabs.com ---the last 1,000 visitors.

We are working on getting a clickable real time pic(working with NetApps) showing the location of every visitor as it occurrs, which will be in PNG format pulled out of the logs...or dynamically as it occurrs. When you click on a point you will see the name of the city, for example, just in the last few minutes people have logged on from Amman, Jordan, Lincoln, Nebraska (Go Cornhuskers), Puyallup, Washington; Austin, Tx; Santa Clara, CA; Columbia, South Carolina; Diamond Bar, CA; Hood, VA; Omaha, NE; Nashville, TN; Augusta, GA; Atlanta, GA; Titusville, FL; and Normal, IL.

So in the future people who are logged can be pointed to useful nearby services or directed to nearby helpful resources...

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