Websites get a nanosecond trial before thumbs down

1/20th of a second - or 50 milliseconds, is the amount of time people decide if they like, or dislike, a website, and surf away,according to Canadian researchers, it was announced today in Reuters. That's even less time than it takes to blink (don't worry - no ad there. Don't you hate in-text contextual links? 1. they are annoying and 2. they are never relevant) even faster than the time it takes, if you follow Malcolm Gladwell's theory - to grok something new. 50 milliseconds is faster than almost anyone can submit an answer and get a response on a Cognitive Labs test.

That's why we let people 'vote' on whether they like the generic registration process on our site. The answer, on a scale of 1-5, is 4.4 - telling us that we are doing pretty well in that department, though of course we want to get to a five.

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