Google Topology

Why is Google such a powerful ad tool. In a word, context. When you receive a newsletter from cognitivelabs and you use Gmail, you will receive a context-driven link as well as links to relevant content. This efficiency in driving high demand concepts is one of the engines behind our user growth. It also drives sales growth from advertising, which is increasing at 50% per month, while allowing us to get more free products out there to help you sort through and understand your own cognitive performance, then be given a referral. The Alzheimer's Association has kicked off a learning program which intends to provide knowledge to Baby Boomers about Memory Loss. Expect to see further integration there - in fact about 33% of the thousands of people who have taken the simple cognitive speed test have clicked through to the Alzheimer's Association locator and found their local office. The local office here is in Mountain View, CA.

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