Subscription to Memory for Life and MemCheck!

For a short period, you will not be able to order MemCheck or Memory For Life. The reason is we are overhauling our commerce and billing system.

It was too complex and hard to manage and couldn't handle our growth. Another major reason is the issues with international orders. These issues are being rememedied by the implementation of a new service which will be completely seamless and global, handling over 100 countries, with specific focus on software and web services. You can order via PayPal if you like for now, as some of you are doing, but we plan to concentrate efforts on the very sleek functioning of this new service provider.

We are working round the clock to get this implemented. You will also see a new mix of services in the offering and a new pricing structure which we think you'll like.

We'll notify everybody by email on the conversion as it progresses.

Michael Addicott

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