Prevention Easier than a Cure...

"Prevent Cognitive Decline through a healthy lifestyle" could be the heading for this piece. The research evidence is starting to show that prevention is the major factor in averting the disease...

...Mayo Clinic Jacksonville researchers report evidence to suggest that prevention of amyloid beta (Abeta) deposition in the brain prior to Alzheimer's disease (AD) onset may be easier than curing established disease. An immunization strategy targeting Abeta42, or a second form of Abeta known as Abeta40, prevented onset of amyloid deposition in young, AD-prone mice. However, this strategy was not effective in altering Abeta deposition or clearance in mice with modest levels of preexisting Abeta deposits.

Current hypotheses suggest that it is the accumulation over time of amyloid beta peptide 1–42 (Abeta42) that triggers changes in the brain that lead to cognitive dysfunction in Alzheimer's disease. The reduction of amyloid levels is therefore a major therapeutic objective....read the whole piece.

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