Beavis to Map San Andreas Fault

The 90's cartoon celebrity Beavis (of Beavis and Butthead fame) was tapped by the National Science Foundation to make a map of the San Andreas Fault. In an interview, Beavis, tracked down at Jamba Juice in Beverly Hills in the midst of a career resurrection and the forthcoming comedic roadshow for the duo, refused to confirm or deny the breaking story, and replied with only with neurotic laughter...

Oh, just in from the newsroom....it wasn't Beavis it was Mike Bevis of Ohio State...wait there's more...Ohio State University researchers using a new laser-imaging technique hope to draw new maps of the San Andreas fault that could help scientists better predict earthquakes in California. The Ohio State team directed by geophysicist Mike Bevis is working with data from a light plane equipped with a new type of laser-mapping system that can show detail down to a couple of inches. The twin-engine Cessna makes low, slow passes over the fault with equipment that shoots 70,000 laser pulses per second at the ground, then registers the light beams when they bounce back, like radar.

Fascinating....Still, it seems like a role made for Beavis

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