Nutrition for the Brain. G-r-r-a: eat like a bear

When it comes to optimizing cognitive performance, one species dines almost exclusively from an A-List menu.

That species is the Ursis (add your descriptor, e.g., borealis)or Bear.

Here in the US, they eat salmon, berries, other sea carrion, and large quantities of moths and butterflies when available, in addition to certain roots and herbs.

Bears of Alaska and the Pacific Northwest in particular eat well, with a diet of salmon and steelhead, along with plentiful berries.

Berries are powerful antioxidants; the wild fish is a potent source of the valuable omega-3 oil. While you might want to avoid the washed up orca, beluga, or seal, all of the other items are healthful - not sure about the moths and butterflies though.

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