History Re-framed

Here is a mosaic puzzle from the church in Ravenna, Italy. I have always been impressed by the bright colors and delicacy of the work, demanding countless hours doubtless. Ravenna on the Adriatic coast was for many years the capital of the western part of the Roman Empire in later times since it could be defended more easily than Rome as it had a strong natural harbor and also was circumvented by marshes (Rome had already been sacked by the Goths in 410 AD). It was the Byzantine capital in the West commanded by an exarch (Greek: exarchos) or civil and military commander. Eventually it fell into the hands of the Lombards longobards: the long-beards, a Germanic tribe of alleged Swedish descent from which the appellation Lombardy came. Anyway, here is the puzzle. See how quickly you can put it back together. Hit "scramble" to make the script re-organize the picture (it'll look a little like Flickr).

If you're stumped, hit Solve, and it will fly back together!

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