Google introduces "advertise on this site"

The brainy, cognitively unchallenged people at Google have annexed an interesting new province to their advertising Empire.

Advertisers will now be able to directly bid on sites where they want their ads to run. This incorporates some of the features of firms like blogads and pud's adbrite. In another life, we once pitched pud on an idea to run a pud-powered internet radio station to join some of our channels, like the still-smoking digitally imported aka di.fm now an excellent digital experience with multiple channels, then a shoutcast/live 365 station. This would have been one of the 1st pudcasts; mind you, this was when the website was just getting noticed.

We had a meeting at pud's silicon alley live/work place with a drumkit, ate some old pizza and drank warm Coke. Then it was hasta la vista.
The burn rate bonfire continued, and as we were wont to do, added more casualties to our daily list of dead streaming audio and video companies from our stylishly spartan, proto-industrial south of market digs, pud's rise to new media notoriety, like the emergence of the mammal, was inversely porportional to the mass extinction on the Internet.

So, if you would like to advertise on cognitivelabs.com, now you can easily do so by scanning the Ads on our site and clicking on the link when prompted. Thanks. This post brought to you by Google On-site advertiser sign-up.

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