Chicken Fat powers cars, new pocket sized solar system discovered

You never know what you will find in the "science" news. At the University of Arkansas, researchers say they have created a way to power a vehicle using chicken fat. "A chicken in every pot (garage), and a car in every garage." Maybe this statement can be reduced to one sentence.

In other news, the first evidence came of a pocket-sized solar system, with miniature planets orbiting a smoldering brown dwarf 500 light years away in the constellation Lacerta (The chamaeleon). Lacerta is one of those faint groupings what you can't see from any urban or suburban area because of the light pollution. You'll have to be far out in the country or in the desert or mountains.

This is mainly interesting because most solar system groups identified so far have involved titanic stars and planets. We have a picture of the solar system, courtesy of a NASA rendering. Try the new solar system puzzle

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