Pick the Cognitive Labs mascot

College teams and sometimes, sophomoric companies have mascots...

Let's see, a charging buffalo, a barking dog (several: huskies, dawgs, etc.)a redwood tree (or just a color), a powder blue teddy bear, a warrior in glinting armor atop a horse, a cyclone, various insects ('jackets, slugs (UC Santa Cruz)) and even an Anteater.

A few years back, companies even started having mascots:

There was a butler (recently pensioned to the beaches of Cornwall after getting a pink slip from Barry Diller), a gerbil and cannon act, imaginary money (flooz, beenz, etc.)

I remember sitting at World Wrap in Palo Alto having a veggie sandwich when two guys dressed as 'beenz' walked by.

There was even a sock puppet that made TV appearances. What do you think? Should we get an orange sock puppet as a mascot? I don't want to influence the vote in what will be an exclusively write-in process. From amongst the ideas we collect on our survey page we will run an election where you will be able to vote on the candidates. I suggest checking back today and participating in the preliminary idea selection....

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