New sign-up for Game Central!!!

User notes: 10/24/05

We added a login screen for Game Central which serves as both a new user sign-up (very quick and easy) AND as a simple registered user login.

Here it is, so you can sign up - step right up:

An added benefit is we can tell you when we publish a new game, puzzle, or activity or can notify you with some news or other hot new development. It is accessed from the subdomain page, the home page and other landing pages and there is a variant with survey at Gamer-IQ since we want your feedback. Other changes: improvements to the login and clinical trial pages that we run with the Stanford/VA Alzheimer's Center, these are being cleaned up and will migrate from the 1.0 or 0.6 type of look and feel to something more appealing and functional.

In the news: is smoking good or bad for cognition - that's today's debate. We'll bring it to you shortly...

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