Geek Cinema: Kingdom of Heaven

Today's our first Geek Cinema column where we depart from the world of cognitive effectiveness for a moment to talk about...films and media from a geeky perspective.

In the first beaker boiling over a low flame, we have Kingdom of Heaven, the DVD. We watched this title last week and we came up with this notation, why bother with longish, inaccurate words.

Kingdom of Heaven = f(Phantom Menace(Quigon - JarJar Binks)(Gladiator)/(Lordof Rings)

The only 'hero' of the film really was Sa'lah Ad'din, the Kurd, in the service of the Seljuk Turks. The Crusaders were never able to hold Jerusalem again (despite the efforts of Richard the LionHeart who gets a little cameo at the end) until the coming of General Allenby and TE Lawrence and the decline of the Ottomans.

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