Exercise your keystrokes...

I hope everybody had a good weekend. Raiders won, 49ers lost, Stanford won, and Cal also squeaked by Wazzou, sounds like Joe Ayoob was able to focus with a capital F in the last minute and a half and guide a game-winning TD, unlike their loss a couple of weeks ago to the teddy bears of Westwood, or being chewed up like a sapling by some pesky Beavers

Here's a new game for you:


This game challenges your key stroke ability since you have to do several things almost at once.
More on 'Bushido':

I posted some thoughts on bushido (the Samurai Warrior source code) at the Gamer-IQ blog, here is the link. This blog gives you a blow-by-blow account of our rollout of Gamer-IQ services, games and meta-games that basically can help you improve certain aspects of cognitive ability.

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