Beautiful Downtown Burbank...Media Capital of the World

The P-38 fighter was one of the many planes that were mass produced at the Burbank Airport during World War II. A display model of the P-38 can be seen at the main terminal...

Well, I am on my way down to beautiful downtown Burbank from SJ via Southwest and on the flight I noticed a cadre of Yahoo! folks in black lettermen style jackets with black Y! backpaks.

The reason? We've got a KNBC Television shoot on the brainspeedometer and basically, how the web service came to be and I'll have to explain it all - there's a series of Google-like algorithms that rank and rate the various aspects of your cognitive performance and as a result - the testing is very sensitive..so keep an eye out for it, in fact we'll let you know how to tune in.

One day, everybody will have it - we've already hit retail stores across America in a first wave and set off a bangalore torpedo so the 2nd wave can follow.

So stay tuned. It's getting more fun everyday. Thanks to everybody who has signed up and we're doing our all to get better. I'll try to post after the shoot in my first blog/TV venti-sized event....

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