Age-O-Meter 2

On our home page you can see Age-O-Meter 2, representing the sampling from Sept 28th to October 4th, when about 3,000 of you signed up. Thanks! It just pops-up like a pop-tart when you surf away.

What is interesting?

>>People in their 20's are as interested as people in their 40's in cognitive performance. People in their 30's (like me) actually were less interested, and the least interested overall. Maybe they should be more concerned, or at least aware. People in their 60's and 70's both were concerned, but not any more than people in their 20's.

>>People in their 50's are almost out of range, like 2.5 sD's more concerned than anybody else. That means people born in the period 1946-1955, from Truman to Ike, whose fathers were on the GI Bill. This was still a radio generation listening to people like Bob Hope and The Lone Ranger. This was also a period of tremendous growth technologically and the beginning of the Cold War....

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