Yes, we allow advertising on Cognitive Labs. Right now this is through Google Adwords and some of the companies that use Adwords such as Pfizer and Tickle.

Since our traffic has grown substantially and is almost doubling every month we are also creating direct advertising opportunties for the different regions of cognitivelabs.com, gamer-IQ, MemCheck Memory News, Brainspeed blogspot, and new properties such as Nutrition-IQ, which answers 50% of the questions I get every day, which seems to be "What should I eat to improve my memory?" That's a question I have heard about 5,000 times.

We are running almost 1 million ad positions per day right now.

Rates range from $10/CPM for a tile button to an $18/CPM for a leaderboard ad. If you want to advertise, please shoot us an email at adsales@cognitivelabs.com so we can set you up.

Want your own game? We can build viral advergames like we did for brainspeed that drive traffic to your registration. Thanks!

Michael Addicott

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