The Power of Three (3)

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Testing, Games, and Puzzles....

Testing: Create a Baseline you can watch over time
Games: Exercise Specific Areas of Response and Reaction Time, e.g., left, right, peripheral response
Puzzles: Test and Jog your Recall Memory

One of the reasons that understanding genetics is important in this discussion is the role of predisposition and statistically tested relationships between genetic code and infirmities including Alzheimer's. Earlier awareness of changes in measured cognitive performance provides more time for actions that may defer contined impairment or decline.

The changes in lifestyle recommended also have may have an effect.

It is interesting to note that so far, our poll of global issues identifies "longevity" as the greatest challenge we face. With increasing longevity the greatest threat to individual prosperity, projected out to the limit of human lifespan, is cognitive decline. The numbers used by the Alzheimer's Association and Foundation and other groups (4 million to 12 million people in the US) may in fact be conservative in that they are focused on the short term. Over the long term, the outlook is potentially much more troubling, as the percentage at risk increased geometrically with age and genetic type.

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