Massive Growth, Massive Opportunities

Massive growth, massive opportunties. The continuing growth here, while still small in the scheme of things, is taxing our resources. New partners, customers signing up left and right, hundreds of people registering every day, more opportunities than you can shake a stick at, means that we need to upgrade our systems - hardware, software, ordering, etc. These systems, while industrial-strength, are being pushed to the limit, upgrading will help us handle the next phase of growth. We think there is a good chance that one day, everyone will be actively monitoring their thinking. Why? It's as easy as a scale for the mind. Over time, our system will get easier and easier to use with all kinds of great features we already have on the drawing board...they are already exist in our mind's eye...all that is needed to transforming the vision into the physical rendition. You can help us by (a) becoming a customer and (b)making a donation - read more on our support page. It's simple, do you want to Tivo and watch HDTV all day? Or, do you want to change the world?

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