Complex Work...the Key to Mental Fitness

A new finding on Alzheimer's Disease (as reported by ABC) is the notion that 'complex work' may delay the onset. In fact, a new study or more than 10,000 people in Sweden illustrates that those with complex jobs requiring concentration and also social interaction - are less likely to get the disease.

It appears that an early regimen of preventative activities may act as a shield to prevent or delay onset. The recommended activities are commonly known now:

-social interaction

You may find them on the Alzheimer's Association's site, AARP, here, and others. Last, but not least, walking and physical fitness play a key role.

Tracking your cognitive health also is important, which you can do here by taking a free test.

If you are familiar with a supply chain, one of the things pioneered years ago was the idea of an alert or "response agents" (Red Pepper Software). At UPS, we had a product on the drawing board called 'ship notifications' which, if you can believe it, was going to be delivered outside of email via a Windows client that would get a message in a publish-and-subscribe model. That was too expensive when plain old email would work just as well. Now, of course you always get an alert that tells you when your Amazon shipment is coming. What companies used to do was build their own alert systems from EDI batches, as in the case of like Motorola.

So as far the mind goes, we are back into that era, where a cognitive response agent, with a red-yellow-green scheme will tell you how are doing.

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