Cognitive Labs in Stockholm, Sweden

Cognitive Labs Speed of Processing Technology Featured at XII International Psychogeriatric Conference in Stockholm, Sweden by Stanford Researchers

Stockholm, Sweden -- September 22, 2005. At the XIIth International Psychogeriatric Association Congress, sponsored by Janssen-Cilag, Novartis, Eisai, Pfizer, Merz, and GE Healthcare, Cognitive Labs testing software was presented during the session on screening for early cognitive impairment by Stanford researchers. The software is used at Stanford and the University of California in studies involving reaction time, memory loss and neurological function. It is also delployed by institutions, industry-sponsored clinical trials where a high degree of accuracy is required, and by licensees and healthcentric consumers. The technology has been shown sensitive in detecting subtle changes for various brain degenerative conditions to a greater degree than traditional neuropsychological tests and correlates with results achieved with Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

Tests and tracking technology are combined with challenging exercises and games to create circuit-training for the mind, featuring the first widely accessible meter or scale for detecting changes in cognitive performance. The company designs web applications that drive massive arrays of individualized psychometric data stored in databases that allow researchers and experts to make inferences about the health and wellness of general population groups, while allowing individuals to obtain basic awareness of their own general cognitive status.

The tests are available in a free online trial and via retail stores such as Walgreen’s, GNC, and VitaminShoppe, where they are provided with product from partner Natrol (Nasdaq: NTOL) that targets the cholinergic system. Professional editions of the suite are available in a software-rental model, and enable experts and professionals to sympathetically address the needs of the large numbers of individuals concerned with longevity and cognitive fitness, two of the world's biggest issues.

If an individual starts a diet or exercise program, changes nutritional intake or lifestyle, or attends continuing education, the effects on their mental fitness are easily observed over time,” observes Dr. Michael Addicott, “following your brain's activity is almost as easy as weighing yourself or using an online diet calculator. People can develop cognitive awareness and then decide if it might be appropriate to obtain a more extensive evalution through a physician or specialist. Further, people will be able to connect with others with similar interests."

The company’s mission is to open up the human mind to understanding through open-source data. Take a free test, and the company’s algorithms tell you how compare to others, tracking your responses.

Cognitive Labs Game Central, MemCheck, and Memory for Life services are all available at Cognitivelabs.com. Find out more on the company and its Mission at http://www.cognitivelabs.com.

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