Bill O'Reilly and Charles Osgood centerpiece of new campaign to promote cognitive fitness, cognitive labs online testing

Wow, things are really going to heat up now. Now that media titans Bill O'Reilly and Charles Osgood are promoting our cognitive testing via the brainspeedometer from Natrol (Nasdaq:NTOL) which is powered by Cognitive Labs. You can find links on Bill O'Reilly's website.

You can buy brainspeed at walgreen's, walgreens.com, drugstore.com, vitaminshoppe.com, vitamin shoppe, GNC Stores, and a variety of websites - many of these companies like drugstore.com our now running their own Google Adwords campaigns, as well, and more to come. Onward and Upward!!!

Osgood and O'Reilly Have Something in Common: brainSpeed(TM)
Radio Heavyweights Ask Americans to Think Faster with New Cognitive Supplement

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