72.7 percent prefer in-home vs. 27.3% at the doctor

In a random poll of everyday people who come to our website, 72.7% said they would like to take an online test in the privacy of their home, while 27.3% said they would like to take it in a specialist's office.

I don't know if a survey like this has been done before; but it confirms what we aleady know - that people are curious about their own cognition.

As one of the pharmaceutical company scientists told me - "you have internal validity" meaning that every datapoint is relative to every other datapoint. The more we know (in terms of data) the more likely we will be able to make inferences, and therefore, the better off everyone will be.

Indeed, one of the main benefits of this sort of activity is that awareness is raised - if we are self-aware and know what kinds of things to look for - sudden changes in cognitive ability not linked with lack of sleep or some other factor, then that would suggest it could be time to consult a specialist or put in a call to your favorite support organization which can provide access to counseling, tips on caregiving, and offer support.

The other thing we notice is more "community features" so that, the question is build out the community based on the existing membership or partner with other organizations that are strong in this area.

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