Polling Update: Reagan an Early Leader

Our FastPoll on Alzheimer's, running over the weekend, shows Ronald Reagan leading the exit polls with 67% of the vote so far to the number 2 candidate, Bill Clinton, with 15% of the vote, and Harry Truman, with 12% of the vote.

It is surprising to see that so many believe Mr. Clinton, in fact, to be a candidate for Alzheimer's. The only presidential choice not to receive a "yea" vote so far is Lyndon Johnson.

Not to make light of a serious topic, but to again focus our attention on why it's important. Mr. Reagan, as time will tell, brought much-needed focus and concentration and a klieg light on the issue of memory loss and the need to detect cognitive decline earlier than it has traditionally been detected. The optimism and can-do spirit shall overcome. Now it looks like an array of sensitive technologies can be brought to bear earlier than ever before, giving much better chances for delaying onset. There is a role for healthy lifestyles such as the Alzheimer's Association's Ten tips for maintaining your brain; likewise, there is a roll for self-management and self awareness in maximizing your cognitive effectiveness.

Yahoo health has just launched celebrity health blogs, I happened to catch Sam Donaldson's and Fran Drescher's blog today...Fran's point was that it is our responsibility to take charge of our own health, in her case, to catch and treat a cancer before it became too enmeshed in the body and destructive. Through her dogged efforts, she was the catalyst in gaining a diagnosis in time to take action.

That's why taking charge of your cognitive health is so important and has moved into the realm of the possible, today.

Over the past few months we have been fortunate enough to give 53,000 full cognitive tests, more tests, given to more people, faster than ever before. Not only can you get it here at cognitivelabs.com now you can also get a variant at your local Walgreen's or GNC (in most shopping malls). When you buy a purple bottle of BrainSpeed from Natrol there is a nifty-shaped CD (so called "form factor") that is included in the package. Tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of these CD's have been shipped already, included in the package, which takes you directly to the brainspeed.com website where you can register for your test. Of course, if you want the CD with your bottle this will cost you $39.95 here in California (Walgreen's - University Avenue in Palo Alto and on El Camino Real in San Carlos) in Chicago on the Miracle Mile it is $41.88.

We hope to roll out our own retail CD as well - with the test....here is a sneak preview, probably to be priced at $9.95, matching our monthly charge on the web.

Stay Tuned.

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