Electro Magnetic Solution to Alzheimer's?

Electromagnetism may play a role in detecting Alzheimer's - as one firm is reporting an 81% success rate in detection based on a study.

Unfortunately 81% accuracy in diagnostics would lead to a large number of false positives. The question really is who should be tested, and when. Should they be tested at age 29, 39, or 69?

The other consideration is cost of the test procedure. The cost-benefit must show significant savings or cost avoidance to justify a certain cost. By that standard, even one or two thousand dollars would not be too much since a savings of at least 10X could be achieved.

Changes in lifestyle that can be easily measured is the bearing point for cognitive labs, paving the way for other more expensive procedures. Without greater accuracy of result, however, the utilty of more expensive downstream procedures needs to be considered carefully

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