Tut returns

Howard Carter and the 5th Earl of Carnarvon
Carter leaned in, holding a candle, to take a look. Behind him Lord Carnarvon asked, "Can you see anything?"

Carter answered, "Yes, wonderful things."

Now Twt'nkh-'mn (literally, the living image of Amon artifacts and matrix are back in the U.S. after 30 years, 1st at the LA County Art Museum (beginning today) to be followed by the Field Museum in Chicago. If you can't get to Egypt, this might be your chance. For now, we are offering a fun way to experience the feeling of an archaeologist (while also getting a mental workout) I never saw any large scarabs running aound on the ground, spikes, or hot coals or Indiana-Jonesesque air darts - BUT saw plenty of bats and mummies and felt incredible heat and silence and presence of antiquity in those underground chambers.

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But you can still play Pharaoh's Tomb here

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