Million Member March or Terminator 3

Last November, following Governor Schwarzenegger's tromp through the hinterlands of Silicon Valley raising funds, I joked here about the million member March, or blog-in in Sacramento. I still think that's a good idea, but we need at least 2 million members. or about 5% of the state's population to make it worthwhile. For now, amuse yourself with Terminator 3 - the pinball game, the only pinball machine (at least for now) featuring an RPG-toting state governor. Better yet, get a bottle of brainspeed, take some while you play and you get locked for multi-ball.

SHOOT here...and...HERE....great shot.....AHRPEEGEE...
cue to action jingle
For awhile I was thinking of putting one in the front hallway to amuse guests, admission price: gotta get a free game

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