Wednesday afternoon

I think we'll have some coverage in PC Gamer for brainspeed.com and brainspeed, based on the interview Elliot did. In an unusual convergence, the release of PREY from the makers of Duke Nukem has an exclusive with PC Gamer, and GameXstream, a streaming game-asset management company where we also are on the advisory board, is going to be powering the direct distribution of PREY to consumers, online. So it was announced at E3. Bravo! I am still wrapping up that sequence dating post... and more on Sir William Mathew Flinders Petrie. Meanwhile I just downloaded Skype, and am planning to use it to communicate in real time with friends and colleagues. I had avoided it since I thought it would take over my PC like Kazaa with the Bde ad projector (hello Kevin), but the jury's still out. I have been assured it will not, and promises more than an incremental increase in productivity.

Over at brainspeed.blogspot you an see some E3 photos (more coming) including the halo challenge competitors and also the brainspeed.com themed vehicle. Next, we'll roll it out to the checkered flag at Nascar and the Talledega motor speedway in Alabama. With the brainspeed.com cam, you'll get a high intensity view from the cage. Soon, you'll know how much quicker the drivers are with brainspeed. Who knows, if Evel Knievel had it there would have been no problem jumping the Snake River canyon.

Biz Stone wrote about blog URL's showing up on Highway 101 as the technology permafrost softened. At the brainspeed.com blog, we're just about there. Next will be the huge Silicon View billboard by the ex-'Liberate' offices - with yourblog.com. It's coming...I can feel it. Your blogging has made you powerful, now give in to your feelings....it is your destiny...learn to use blogger, only then will you be able...

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