Top Ten of your Brain!

Well, we've finally added some description to this long running item on the Cognitive labs masthead. So when you click on the image at cognitivelabs.com it takes you to this page which outlines everything that we do in one page. So we'll highlight each item by turns...

Viva el Portal!

Something we thought of probably 5 years ago is started to emerge, the intelligent portal. Not just intelligent in terms of application integration and ease of access to a workspace, but intelligent in terms of making users better that's something that few can claim.

At Portal Wave, we explored this concept very briefly but there was not much interest at the table, it was outside the domain of knowledge at hand, which included a bunch of folks and round-trippers from amongst the smartest people working on database and CRM architectures. The major focus was a universal translator for Siebel, Oracle, SAP, and PeopleSoft and combining this into a portal - except the portal market turned out to be rather slow-moving and subject to press release lockdown, and FUD even with a pretty good technology.

With an intelligent portal, rather than just portal "feature" intelligence you can actually stimulate the entire team to perform and optimize their efforts. You get a smarter company, even if you are a company of One.

On the Alzheimer's front, we've got just about a millennium of customers and now the really big deals are coming up. The market is ready, put on your helmet and chinstrap.

Oh yeah, and buy MemCheck, like voting for Pedro.

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