Run and Gun at E3

Lots of meetings, so little time. It's like running up and down the court and shooting three's. Sometimes they rattle off the rim, sometimes they're a swish. But you don't stop.

From time to time it was a little hard to hear - especially when the U.S. Army Airborne dropped in from the Chinook helicopter, and the rat-a-tat-tat of "Our army at war" in front of the convention center.

Brainspeed.com launched with dazzling activities including a Halo Challenge followed by the brainspeed challenge where some of the players scored in the 99th percentile. PC Gamer from Future Networks covered some of the events.

Brainspeed.com gave away 10,000 purple bracelets saying "think faster"

We ended up hanging with Fatal1ty and company for most of the day. He of the Time Magazine coverage of this week - wrapped in a double helix, in the same issue with Bill Gates smiling face and Exposition of XBox 360. So, watch out for Gamer IQ.

It's all about fueling your brain - you can track and monitor, plus you can optimize - that's what brainspeed is all about.

Does it work? Is the pope Catholic? We're writing this as the developers of Cognitive Labs, the technology behind brainspeed.com. So we know it works. The code works, or it doesn't - there's no middle ground. And it works. End of story.

You can plow through all the academic studies if you want. Be my guest.

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