Reaction Time Redux

A dual post on memcheck and brainspeed....where you will be seeing all kinds of exciting developments in the coming days. As we had alluded, now is the time to provide the very shortest cliff-note on reaction time, just the bare essentials, from a white paper we put together on zero-latency cognition and its role in gaming, I won't bore you with all the theories, but, the Japanese are the leaders in this field of research.

...Cognitive Labs has taken the algorithmic input of the best and brightest scientific minds of this era and created web applications and software that incorporates them

Research now shows strong connections between speed of brain processing and longevity. Other studies link speed of processing with success in life and on the battlefield, with an added capability to complete more work and feel mentally alert.

While reaction time has been studied by psychologists since the 1800's, the field did not come into its own until military researchers during World War II mastered the science of chronometrics to better train soldiers to operate advance weaponry, and to screen for 'fitness' to operate certain kinds of weapons systems, such as fighter aircraft and radar systems, demanding better than normal reflexes, acuity, and reaction time. Cognitive assessment has been critical in evaluating fitness for Space travel (NASA).

Cognitive Labs has taken the classic tasks and made them more rigorous with design by scientific experts such as Arthur Jensen, Ph.D., one of the world's leading experts on IQ. Cognitive Labs has also greatly increased the sensitivity of the applications so that slight changes in performance are assessed in multiple dimensions of cognitive ability. New research we have completed with Stanford asserts that our tests are sensitive enough to detect early memory loss, as well, particularly as it relates the APOEe4 allele.

Now, Cognitive Labs is taking its scientifically validated exercises and making them available as a training regimen for game subscribers by "skinning" the underlying scientifically derived algorithms for a new audience, like you skin winamp/itunes/wmp By focusing on the 'hard science' origins of the exercises and the military and scientific background of Cognitive Labs, we will be able to create a gamer "academy" with strong military and competitive features, driving subscription sales, sponsorships, and long-term revenue growth through exposure.

The use of Cognitive Labs technology' and its advisors have been featured in Slate Magazine, CNN, Barron's, NPR and various newspapers, online journals, and blogs. Users include hundreds of thousands of people concerned with cognitive fitness, all branches of the Armed Forces, engineers at Microsoft and Adobe, and professional athletes.

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