MyDNA.com portal

I wanted to bring your attention to one of our new partners, Austin, Texas-based myDNA.com. I think the concept behind the company is fascinating - it's basically a next generation portal focused on the structural causes of illness and takes a scientific approach to treatment. We are all engineers, architecting our health by running the requisite software programs. MyDNA is an emulator that lets you into the mainframe of health. When you think about it a portal is basically a fancy emulator. So, if you go to myDNA.com you may see one of our banner ads. it's part of our long-term strategy and it looks like their's - of providing lifelonging solutions - we're focused more or less on the inside of the head while they are focused on the all of the body systems. When you can comine the web with various conditional tests you get much closer to risk factor assessment...the cornerstone of a personal health or cognitive management program....please check it out.

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